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  1. MaihanNijat
    MaihanNijat Dec 18, 2010

    Abdullah Jan,

    Thanks for reminding me the missing Staffing chapter.

    I have uploaded. here is the link

  2. MaihanNijat
    MaihanNijat Dec 13, 2010

    سلامونه گرانه وروره.

    هغه مشکل ستا د نوی بروزر له امله وو.

    use Fire Fox or Internet explore instead of Google Chrome.

    Thanks for Feedbac {-_-}

  3. asad.salarzai
    asad.salarzai Dec 6, 2010

    سلام وروره نجات !
    څنګه یاست ُ، خدای دی وکړی چی صحت ولری . وروره زه غواړم چی ځینی معلومات اپلوډ کړم ، مګر امکان نلری.

  4. MaihanNijat
    MaihanNijat Nov 15, 2010

    مننه وروره

    تاته هم اختر مبارک

    Miss you All.

  5. asad.salarzai
    asad.salarzai Nov 14, 2010

    سلام دوستان عزیز و گرامی !
    عید سعید اضحی را برای تان از صمیم قلب تبریک و تهنیت عرض میدارم ، آرزو مندم خوشی های عید رادر فضای صلح و آشتی بسر ببرید.

  6. MaihanNijat
    MaihanNijat Oct 27, 2010

    Asad Salarzai Greetings.

    Your uploaded The Part of Speech document is approved.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  7. MaihanNijat
    MaihanNijat Oct 18, 2010

    Halaka da Facebook address makhe ta http:// war izafa ka che khalak washe kawale sta Facebook safha wagore.

  8. MaihanNijat
    MaihanNijat Oct 15, 2010

    Thank You Man!

    I got the chapters.

    (-_-) Have nice time.

  9. asad.salarzai
    asad.salarzai Oct 14, 2010

    Hey Man.

    Thanks for adding the documents, they are available for users to download it.

    I asked your for History chapter, would be much appreciative to have it from you.


  10. asad.salarzai
    asad.salarzai Oct 14, 2010

    viva the people of afghanistan

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