Measuring the service quality of private banks in Afghanistan

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From this research it has been concluded that the private banks in Afghanistan tries their best to get the satisfaction of the customers with the help of offering quality service to customers, though there are some areas which needs improvements. In totality a high percentage of the people of Afghanistan are somehow satisfied from service quality offered by the private banks in Afghanistan and feel safe while making transactions and give customer individual attention. These people confirmed that private banks in Afghanistan do fast operation using modern technology. But some technical problem and rush of people to banks in same time caused, when the employees of private banks promises service could not be fulfilled in exact time frame. The information generated in this report aims to assess the service quality of private banks and the customer expectations and perception of them. The major source of information produced here is taken from respondents answers through questionnaire method and studying the secondary data from the websites of different organizations relevant to banking industry, master dissertations, banking magazines and Annual reports of some private banks. In this study every effort has been made to collect data and information about the offered service quality by private banks and its features; however the following data collection methods have been mainly used for the completion of this report. The sample size are 53 people which includes BBA, BSC, BCS, LLB, English Language students of Kardan University with different ages, experiences, skills, and knowledge. The questionnaire also asked for participants’ feedback on different aspects of the service quality in private banks in Afghanistan including tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy data.




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